uptimereport is a uptime/downtime monitoring tool for Linux. It collects and displays downtimes and times with high loads. I created uptimereport to check if my Server Provider really provides the uptime I am paying for.

This program is open source/GPL'ed and can be run in both 'root' and 'user' mode. Better instructions are included in the README. Feel free to send comments by email (remove the "_SPAM_").


Some time ago I felt that I needed some kind of uptime/downtime tracker to see to what percentage the vServer I had at that time is actually offline because issues of the Server Provider. I had an uptime promise of 99% and had a feeling that it was offline more often than 1% of the time.

I wanted to have something I could install also on a webspace server, where no root access is available and something that does not require a process running with root permissions. Since I needed something really simple but stable, I decided to write it by myself.



Since uptimereport doesn't have/need a fancy GUI, all 'screenshots' are console captures.

$ uptimereport -h
Uptimereport 0.9 by Joerg Lange 
Usage: uptimereport [options]

  -h, -?                 Displays this help message
  -v                     Displays the current version
  -t                     Does a tracking run (used by cron job)
  -s                     Displays a summary of all outages (Default operation)
  -d                     Displays a detailled list of all outages
  -l                     "Local" run. No installation needed like this

$ uptimereport
Uptimereport 0.9 by Joerg Lange 
Date: 2007-09-10 18:08:59, tracking for: 43 days, 19:28
Load worse than 5: 1 days, 9 min (2.30%)
Load worse than 10: 0 days, 23:30 (2.23%)
Load worse than 15: 0 days, 23:30 (2.23%)
Server offline: 0 days, 23:30 (2.23%)

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